Our Mission Work

Honduras MissionSince 2006, Dr. David, Dr. Susan, and Dr. Elaine have all taken part in a medical mission to provide eye care and eyeglasses to the residents in and around the village of Villa de San Francisco, a small Honduran town of about 10,000 people located 90 minutes from the capital, Tegucigalpa.  The mission is sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown and is funded 100% by donations from concerned individuals.  Volunteer health professionals (Physicians, Dentists, Optometrists, Nurses) and laymen travel at their own expense to provide health care, financial, and personal support to some of the poorest families in Central America on a 10 day trip each spring. Many of the families live in homes without running water or electricity and with corrugated metal roofs and no floor.

Dr. Elaine Miller in HondurasWe take hundreds of pairs of donated glasses along with medications which are given out to those in need; for many of the residents, this is the only healthcare they will receive for the entire year. On a typical day, we will treat over 300 people who wait in line for hours in order to be seen. These days are long and tiring  but very rewarding when you realize you have helped improve, in a small way, the life of someone much less fortunate than yourself.

If you would like to become a sponsor or learn more about the mission, please contact our office or the First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown.

Dr. Susan Csonka in Honduras

Dr. David Csonka in HondurasHonduras Mission Honduras Mission Honduras Mission